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Nature’s Medicine for the 21st Century “The Highest Ideal of Cure is rapid, gentle and permanent restoration of health”   Samuel Hahnemann, founder of Homeopathy, 1833 Modern life is full of demands and difficulties that affect us on many different levels.

It is unsurprising and not unusual for us to suffer the physical and emotional stresses and strains of this Why Homeopathy?

Homeopathy is now the most popular alternative medicine and favoured choice to conventional drugs throughout the whole world (World Health Organisation report 2005).

People in the UK have been increasingly choosing homeopathic treatment as an alternative to prescribed drugs through increased worries about side effects of drug prescriptions.

Many other countries consider homeopathy as a relevant and helpful approach to illness; in many parts of Europe and the whole of India, for example, homeopathic treatments are regularly prescribed in hospitals and general practice.

Many patients and health professionals have repeatedly found that homeopathy cannot only relieve symptoms but also address the underlying cause of disease.

This has led to an increase in the popularity of this approach as a means to increased general wellbeing. Homeopaths often find that a major part of their work is in cases that have not been helped by conventional medicines.

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