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Before your first personal training session you will be booked you in for initial complimentary 30 minute consultation where one of our Personal Trainers will work with you to understand your current health and fitness levels and your targets.

Your first personal training session will then be slightly longer than an hour and will consist of the following;

Personal trainning sessions £37.50 Hourly Rate

Special offers availble throughout the year, ask for details.


POST NATAL PROGRAM (20 sessions over 10 weeks) £600
To help you get back in shape after your pregnancy, this 10 week program will help you regain your shape and fitness, including cardiovascular work, resistance work & core work. This should be started 6 weeks after giving birth, unless you had a C-section or complications.
Always consult your GP before starting and new exercise program
Included in the price is an initial consultation, (including Fitness Check and Dietary Advice)

GAIN LEAN MUSCLE PROGRAM (30 sessions over 6 weeks) £900
This intense 6 week program will help you gain lean muscle, you will receive between 5 Personal Training sessions each week, training days and rest day will be prescribed, no stone is left unturned.
Be prepared to work hard for great results.
Included in the price is an initial consultation, (including Fitness Check, Body Measurements & Dietary Advice)


WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAM (36 sessions over 12 weeks) £1080
This 12 week Individual Program will guide you through safe weight loss, no fad dieting, this will be achieved through 3 Personal training session per week, with prescribed exercise to be done outside the gym as well. Your instructor will use various styles of training from HITT (High Intensity Interval Training) to Resistance training to help sculpt your new physique.
Goal setting and progress rate will be set at the beginning of the 12 weeks and analysed on a fortnightly basis. (safe weight loss is between 1-2lbs per week to ensure weight loss will be fat and not muscle tissue).  
Each client will have their own training plan according to their own requirements.
Included in the price is an initial consultation, (including Fitness Check, Body Measurements, Dietary Advice & Weekly Weight Monitoring) depending on personal circumstances more weight may be lost.

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