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1st Men’s Physique Competition

UKBFF South Coast Competition

Sunday 27th April 2014

Image from the UKBFF Competition

Many people believe that you only truly develop as an individual if you regularly step outside of your comfort zone and challenge yourself. As a PT, I always encourage and support my clients to do exactly that, and have been privileged to take part in some fairly ‘out there’ escapades as a result – Ice Marathon, anyone? So, it’s only right that I should also be looking for those sorts of opportunities to challenge myself too… A chance conversation in the gym led to me being asked whether I had ever considered entering a bodybuilding/fitness competition. I like to train hard and look after myself, but I will admit, I’m probably not the size you imagine when you think of bodybuilding competitors, but unbeknown to me a new category had been introduced just a few years ago called MEN’S PHYSIQUE, although at this stage I didn’t really know what to expect…..

Judging Criteria: Muscularity and Body Condition

"Judges will be looking for fit contestants who display proper shape and symmetry combined with muscularity and overall condition. This is not a bodybuilding contest so extreme muscularity should be marked down."

Image from the UKBFF CompetitionImage from the UKBFF Competition

So with this brief in hand I upped my training and took greater care of my food, and tried out the obligatory  fake tan, although I never thought it was dark enough.  Two week’s out from the competition I thought I was in a good position, had been practicing my poses, (different from a bodybuilder) and felt relatively happy.

As always, a cold will strike when you least need it……, just about got better in time for the competition, although training and food had taken a beating and I was not quite as upbeat as I had been…..

Day of Competition

I get up at 6.00am, for a breakfast of pancakes and scrambled eggs, along with coffee. I needed  to be at the Guildhall in Portsmouth for 10.00am for my spray tan, wow, never been that dark lol, but as I found out, the darker the better due to the stage lights.

I then have to register at 10.30am, then there’s a meeting in the hall at 12.00 which starts late and this sets the tone for the day…..

The competition starts at 2.00pm with a record number of entrants for the whole event with a large number of entrants in the Men’s Phsique category, enough that they introduce another category. They are done by height, up to 174cms, 174 – 178cms and above 178cms.

It’s a long day, we are eventually called to the backroom at 6.25pm, where we warm up and get ready to go on stage, this is where it starts to get nervous, as not only are there over 1000 people in the audience, I’m the 1st competitor out on stage, OMG!!!!!!!!

We are all lined up on the stage, and go through our compulsory poses as directed, we are then split into groups and called forward to do the compulsory poses again, at this stage I start to relax and enjoy the moment.  After all the groups have been called forward we are lined up whilst the judges try to decide who the top 3 will be, this seems to take ages and we are asked to go through the poses again, after this we are lead off stage to wait around the back until they call out the top 3….

Unfortunately I’m not called back, not that I was expecting to be called back…..

A great experience and one that I will be repeating now that I know what to expect

Image from the UKBFF CompetitionImage from the UKBFF Competition

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